Teaching Staff

Ms G Neill – Head Teacher

Miss H Gardiner - Assistant Head Teacher, and Year 6 teacher

Miss K Billington – Year 6 teacher

Miss A Noon - Year 6 teacher (part-time)

Miss F Fura - Year 5 teacher

Miss K Wilson – Year 5 teacher

Miss G Johnson – Year 4 teacher

Mrs K Gatward – Year 3 teacher (part-time)

Miss H Hunt - Year 3 teacher (part-time)

Miss H Edmonds - Year 3 teacher

Mrs S Mee - Year 2 teacher (part-time)

Mrs E Lison – Year 2 teacher (part-time)

Miss H Forbes - Year 2 teacher

Miss A Griffith – Year 1 teacher

Miss C Walton– Reception teacher

Miss A Breed - Reception teacher

Miss A Scott – Nursery teacher

Mrs A Sebastian - SENCo (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)


Inclusion Manager

Mrs R Neville (& lunch club)

Support Staff - Teaching Assistants

Mrs D Addison (& lunchtime supervisor)

Mrs M Chapman

Miss S Charles

Miss S Collard

Miss K Doyle

Miss B Harry

Mrs J Hopewell (& lunch club)

Mrs J Hewitt

Mrs K Johnston (& lunchtime manager)

Miss C Lewis

Mrs R Mahmood (& lunchtime supervisor)

Mrs M McDonagh

Mrs C Nock

Mrs E Sava

Mrs M Stapley

Mr M Sweeney (& lunchtime sports coach)


Non-Teaching Staff

Mrs L Broughton – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs J Coles - Lunchtime Supervisor and Cleaner

Mrs K Gamachu - Cleaner

Miss M Harrald - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs K Johnston - Lunchtime Manager

Mr D Newby – ICT Technician

Mrs L Prior – Office Support

Mrs E Routledge – Office Administrator

Mrs T Shaw – Lunchtime Supervisor and Cleaner

Mrs J Tew – Lunchtime Supervisor and Cleaner

Mrs G Turner-Harris - Cleaner

Mrs L Wall – Premises Officer

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